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Topics and Newsletter Issue 20

  • An LGBT Refugee’s Journey: Escape is Only the Beginning – Starting Over is Harder
  • GLAAD Responds to a Wave of Anti-Trans Legislation Across the Country
  • Arkansas Endangers LGBTQ
  • Lea Delaria Wins Award
  • New Jersey Enacts Legislation to Assist LGBT Veterans Dishonorably Discharged
  • About SAGE Maine
  • The Struggle of LGBTQ+ Students in Lockdown Documentary About Father Martin’s LGBT Ministry Selected for Tribeca Film Festival
  • ...and much more

Topics and Newsletter Issue 11

  • Supreme Court Rules in Favor of LGBTQ Rights in Landmark Decision
  • Reading Community Leaders Condemn Anti-LGBT Hate Incident
  • Editorial: Stop Judging, and Welcome LGBT Catholics ‘in good faith’
  • Quarantined With Family, Russia’s LGBT Youth Face New Struggles
  • Illegal to be You: Gay History Beyond Stonewall
  • Biden Launches LGBTQ Voting Initiative as Trump Totally Ignores Pride Month
  • ...and much more

Topics and Newsletter and Blog Issue 10

  • Hairspray- You Can’t Stop the Beat
  • Movies to Binge During Pride Month
  • LGBT Detroit Addresses Intimate Partner Violence and Healthy Relationships Amid Pandemic
  • Grindr is Not a Cure for Coronavirus Anxiety
  • Meet the Proud Gay Russian YouTuber Who’s Trying to Change the Country for Millions of Persecuted LGBT+ People
  • Larry Kramer, Playwright and AIDs Activist, Dies at 84
  • ,,,and much more...

Topics and Newsletter and Blog Issue 9

  • Winter Party Attendee Who Caught Coronavirus Posts Shocking Photo of Virus’ Effect on his Body
  • UMass Amherst Economist M.V. Lee Badgett Makes “The Economic Case for LGBT Equality” in New Book
  • How Technology can Reduce Isolation for LGBTQ Elders
  • At Least 117 Members of the LGBT Community Were Killed in Mexico in 2019 ‘Because of Their Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification’
  • Why Banning Anti-LGBT ‘Conversion Therapy’ isn’t Enough
  • ... and much more

Topics and Newsletter and Blog Issue 8

  • Biden Helped Make LGBT History- Will That Be Enough?
  • LGBT Center of Reading, PA Increases Community Services in Light of Pandemic
  • A New, Independent, LGBT-focused Record Label is Set to Launch Next Month to Increase Visibility of Queer Artists in the Music Industry
  • Coronavirus Crisis Forces LGBT Group HRC to Lay Off 22 Employees
  • Baltimore Leather Bar Sells LGBTQ-themed Face Masks
  • LGBTs Are Blamed and Attacked for COVID-19, Say Global Reports
  • ,,,and much more...

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