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Topics and Newsletter Nov 2023

  • LGBT Asylum Project Helps Asylum Seekers Fleeing Persecution
  • Census Bureau Wants to Test Asking About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity on Biggest Survey
  • “Herstory” Walking Tour Highlights Lesbian Sites in the Village
  • LGBTQI+ Youth are at High Risk of Depression, Anxiety, Suicide: How you can help
  • 25 years ago, his Death Galvanized the LGBTQ+ Rights Movement. His Legacy is in Danger.
  • Is it Rainbow or LGBT?
  • ...and much more

Topics and Newsletter Aug 2023

  • LGBT Rights Yield to Religious Interests at US Supreme Court
  • LGBT in America: We Are Never Going Back to the Closet Darkness
  • Pope Makes Comments About LGBT
  • Five Rainbow Plaques will be Installed Across London to Celebrate Significant People, Places and Moments in the LGBTQI+ History
  • LGBTQ Research Hub Aims to Counter Gender-Based Discrimination Through Scholarship Iraq Bans Media from Using Term “homosexuality,” says they must use ‘Sexual Deviance’
  • ...and much more

Topics and Newsletter May 2023

  • Hillcrest Youth Center Opens its Doors to LGBTQ+ Community
  • Putin’s Homophobia is Advancing LGBTQ Rights in Ukraine
  • LGBT Community Pins Hopes on Supreme Court Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage in India
  • GLAAD Responds to Twitter’s Roll-Back of Long-Standing LGBTQ Hate Speech Policy
  • Thousands of Catholic Nuns Issue Support for Trans People and Make call to “dismantle the systems” that Reinforce Violence Against the Community
  • President Erdogan Slams LGBT Community, Accuses Opposition of Undermining the Family
  • ...and much more

Topics and Newsletter April 2023

  • Democrat-Controlled Michigan Senate Votes to Protect LGBTQ Rights
  • Russia may be Weaponizing Homophobia, but the War has Strengthened Ukraine’s Fight for LBGT Rights
  • Proposed Law Would Ban LGBT Flags from Government Buildings
  • The Anti-Drag Bills Sweeping the U.S. are Straight from History’s Playbook
  • “Sydney is Like Paradise for LGBT Community” say French-Australians
  • Indian LGBTQ Couples Fight for Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage
  • Where do Philly’s Mayoral Candidates Stand on LGBTQ Issues? / Analysis
  • ...and much more

Topics and Newsletter February 2023

  • With Over 100 Anti-LGBTQ Bills Before State Legislatures in 2023 so far, Activists say they're “fired up”
  • Church of England Apologizes for Treatment of LGBT People; Archbishop Welby won't Bless Gay Couples
  • Connecticut to Launch New Statewide LGBTQ Group
  • FDA Proposes Individual Risk Assessment for Blood Donations, While Continuing to Safeguard U.S. Blood Supply
  • Why Does LGBT History Month Take Place in February in the UK?
  • New BBC Documentary “Queer Egypt Under Attack”
  • Germany Commemorates the Overlooked LGBT Victims of Nazi Persecution
  • Trump Calls for Trans Genocide
  • Randy Rainbow
  • ...and much more

see all Newsletters and Blogs

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